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dummy Dr Puneet Chawla

Who am I?

The Three Eyed , Blue Necked, Ash Smeared body, Snake Vasuki as Garland, Bull Nandi to Ride, Maa Shakti on the left, He destroys all Vasnaas, His Splendour is equal to million Suns.

My Salutations to Umapati Lord Shiv.

 O Shiv Shankra

I am your child,

allow me to walk on Shiv Path.

Let me guide mankind for a better life.

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What I do?

Dr. Puneet Chawla is an Enlightened Life Guru guiding and mentoring Millions of followers to solve their Life Problems & Complications. He Remedies  the reasons of troublesome & distressed life, by methods of Vastu Energy fields, Mantra and Tantra Mandala?s. Being an Intuitive personality he senses the negative and positive energies of human beings and places, senses the Evil around, the reasons of problems and then predicts the Solutions. In some rare cases he do predictions for the needy. He gives paid discourses on


Chakra Sadhna

Shri Vidya

Shri Bhriaon Vigan tantra

Saundrya lahri

Stopping the negative energies

Swar sadhna

And many more

With An authoritative experience in Vastu energy and Sadhna on Almighty The Lord Shiva.

Life Guru Puneet wants to direct Positive energy, bliss and prosperity everywhere.

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What is Live Vastu?

Dr. Puneet chawla the founder of Live vaastu brought a perfect theory of Six steps in Vastu for a successful life! These six steps are a must for good Vastu. The steps are

Lands Nature: Selecting a prosperous and healthy land.

Direction: Selecting favorable directions.

Five elements: Balancing panch Maha bhootas tatva?s

Life Energy: these are environmental subtle energies, negative & positive energies

Colors: Infusing colors for harmony and happiness!

Correction: we can correct the defective Vastu with power remedies. has signature range of his blessed vastu elements which cover the day to day needs of vastu, spirituality and good luck charms. All these are personally blessed and energised by this legend.

The principal consultant is Dr. Chawla.


What is ShivPath?

The purpose of Shivpath is to Resolve physical and emotional issues of mankind through the medium of meditation and occult sciences! The founder Dr. Puneet Chawla is practitioner in Occult sciences includes Vastu and Shivaism. Shivpath operates in India and different countries.

Regular discourses and events are conducted by the organization in different parts of the world. Interested people to join as members may mail at



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